Achievement unlocked: Put out trash can fire

Today I did something I wanted to do for the long time, but chickened out before.

I put out the trash can fire.

Before I walked past a few trash can fires. Always wanted to put one out. Always was attacked by some stupid fear and just walked away. This time it looked like it will be the same scenario.

Then I looked around at other people who walked past, or sitting like they don't see it. "Hey, maybe they don't have the equipment for putting it out?" Fine, but the outside bar is like a meter away, waiters could definitely find a cup of water somewhere. "Maybe they don't care, after all the smoke is going in the different direction than the customers are sitting."

At this point I decided, I don't want to be like everyone at this place and moment. I can be better, even if it's something as stupid as putting out a fire in progress.

I changed direction determined to take care of the problem or die trying (overdramatization). It might have cost me my bottle of drinking water, but it felt good. I felt proud of myself for winning against some stupid fear and doing something that felt right.

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