Amsterdam - Amsterdam Dungeon (part 5) - Testing the World and Looking for Home series

The most enjoyable place I visited was the Amsterdam Dungeon, oh it was amazing. My suggestion would be just to find when the next play is and come a bit before that time. Even though it's funny to listen to the ghost in the cage, he starts repeating after a while and it's too loud to have a normal conversation with other prisoners. I would try to not disclose too much information about it (spoilers). I will have to write about some fun moments I had in there. This also contains some gruesome parts so you might want to skip it if it's not your thing. Warning provided, let the fun begin.


At first the group was split and I was expecting some cheap thrills, like a skeleton dropping out of the ceiling or something like that. After an elevator ride down you're some place looking like a torture dungeon. Some animatronics, spiked chair and stuff like that. Well if this is it then it will be boring, very boring. After a few minutes the sound of dragging chain begins and the door opens. I would say the actors are professional and react well to all the small problems. I feel a little bad about them because hearing them "talk loudly / scream" my own throat starts hurting; well they are probably used to it.

I take the front row seat. One from the group is chosen to be tortured and after some acting the lights go out. The voice starts praying in random places. Some screams from the group in random places and then something happened which made me thing "OK, this might be fun after all." To better know why I liked this attraction is what I feel refreshed by "seeing fear in other people eyes." Don't imagine me as some kind of monster who runs down the street with a chainsaw after the sun goes down; just for some reason it makes me smile and refreshed. OK, I'm not explaining this well, fine, just imagine me running down the street with a chainsaw, brrrm brrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm. It's all fun and games until someone loses the hand :D

After this one we went to a tavern, learning some history, getting few simple scares, etc. The tavern wench warned about not trusting anyone as sailors end up in ships because they wrote their name selling their soul. Then one from the group was asked to come and write his name. Which he did (oh come on, weren't you listening about not trusting anyone and not writing your name). Then she displays that he was tricked and now he will be going to work in the ship. But here's your chance to save your soul and if you open not a skull picture from three choices you will be free. Otherwise everyone will be going to the ship. Oh come on, this one is easy, you choose one, tell to open the other two and win, but no.. She mixes the choices, he chooses one of them, it's the skull and everyone is going to a ship.

The next room is below the ship deck and the pirate is explaining her life story, what a tasty soup rats make and choosing the jobs for everyone. Then she points at me and says "You, come here. What is your name?". Me "Andrew". She "Who cares, from now on your name will be Bobby. You can't trust anyone on this ship, especially the traitors. Now, everyone point a finger at Bobby and shout TRAITOR!!!". A few people point their fingers and very silently and timidly start saying "Traitor." At this point I was sure I will be having as much fun from this attraction as possible. I start lifting my hands in encouragement and shout "Oh come on, you can do better!!" Now everyone reacts a little better, still a little too much zombie like for my liking. The pirate gives me a rag and tells from now on my job is to clean the cannons and points to one of them. I start shining it off and soon enough it shoots. "What have you done?! I told you to clean the cannon, not to shoot it!" "Premature detonation, it happens, it's not my fault!" "Give me back the rag!" "NO!!" at this point we had a short discussion about who will keep the rag. She explains that as Bobby is the traitor he has to be tortured and puts me on the chair with a white sheet in front of me. When she asks something and strikes the hammer behind my head. I would guess that everyone else at that point was enjoying a nice splash of my brain on the front of the sheet. Then she does the same thing again. Then tells me to open my legs wide. Attractions like this are just like jumping with parachute. They are made to be safe as it's bad marketing when something happens to customers, but you never know that might happen *splash*. Lets just say I looked her in the eyes which said "You better not F***ing miss," I might not care about my balls, but I don't feel like acting as a snake for the rest of the day. She hits between my legs, a cannon shoots and lets just say something happens, everyone has to abandon the ship. She takes everyone to the exit, explaining what to do. Due to my personally I choose not to stay at my current place, just get up and casually start leaving the ship. The pirate returns, notices I'm gone, stays confused for a few seconds, then runs back to the exit and shouts "If you will see Bobby on the shore.. Kill him!!" Made me chuckle, my kind of girl.

I found a transition a little strange, but we ended in some kind of hospital or morgue or something like that. The cleaner explained that we shouldn't be here and it will be bad if the master found us. But as the master was away why don't everyone come closer so we could explore the corpse on the table. I went close enough to stick my nose in the stomach of the corpse, the rest of a group needed a few more invitations. He invited one from the group to hold the bucket and then started taking away the parts of a corpse. "Here is the spleen." He pressed it and something wet hit me on the forehead. Someone from the group shouted "Oh S**t!!" and the cleaner replied "No S**t, just piss." The master returned and told us to hide in the next room which was full of corpses. After a few more scares we moved to the next room.

This time the theme was a trial and thought it had a few funny moments it didn't leave a lasting impression. The next room was some story about witches being burned and then going through a labyrinth. After the labyrinth we were at the city alley with a stake ready for burning a witch. After some talking one girl from the group was chosen and tied to a stake. Maybe not everyone understands what this is safe fun with possible consequences, but seeing the fear in the eyes of that girl about to be burned was something *take a deep breath* ... Well I can't find the words to explain it. A big fire starts roaring, it stops after a bit and only a skeleton left on the stake. I guess you can't save all, time to move to the next live show.

We enter a room in the house and an actor tells us to sit before he could tell the story of this house. I scan the room and choose the seat by the chest as in my opinion it should provide the most fun. I wasn't wrong. I also do the same thing when I enter any room. Just look for a place which will be comfortable enough and would provide a best survivability chance in case some madmen came in through the door shooting/stabbing everyone in his sight. An actor tells a story about a sister killing a sister, hiding her in the basement and if you visit the house on the day she was killed you might see her ghost. As it happens today is the day of her death and then basement door starts banging. The lights go out. Now if you watch "horror movies" (in quotes because I have my opinion about that) just imagine the scene were it's pitch black, at some points in time a light(ing) flashes so you could see something scary. Fun.


This is the end of the attraction. Unless you're some sensitive person who starts running up the ceiling every time something makes a sound (scaring everyone else) I would highly suggest visiting Amsterdam Dungeon. So much fun!

To be continued...

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