Configure phpspec for DDD

A lot of my architecture for DDD is taken from David Adams, Mathias Verraes, William Durand & other smart people.

While developing an application I try to keep the code separated. I also love testing and one wonderful tool which helps me produce good quality code is phpspec. The issue is what by default it keeps all the tests in the root directory.

phpspec requires some configuration to keep the tests where they belong. You might notice that I'm using Symfony framework for my application. When you do DDD development the framework used isn't that important. My domain login is kept in src/Domain directory & infrastructure code is kept as bundles in src directory.

The following configuration is required to make phpspec work correctly (finding specs, creating/updating specs, running specs):

        namespace: Domain\Core
        psr4_prefix: Domain\Core
        spec_path: src/Domain/Core
        src_path: src/Domain/Core
        spec_prefix: Spec

        namespace: UserBundle
        psr4_prefix: UserBundle
        spec_path: src/UserBundle
        src_path: src/UserBundle
        spec_prefix: Spec

        namespace: Domain\User
        psr4_prefix: Domain\User
        spec_path: src/Domain/User
        src_path: src/Domain/User
        spec_prefix: Spec

Save the file as phpspec.yml in root directory.

Configure phpspec for DDD

If you would run:

phpspec describe Domain/User/ValueObject/UserName

It should create a file UserNameSpec.php in src/Domain/User/Spec/ValueObject.

Some lines in suites might look like duplication, but I found that you have to set all the options. Otherwise there are issues with file creation/updating. You could skip spec_prefix option if you don't mind specifications directory in lowercase.

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