EUpdateDialog Extension

EUpdateDialog is an extension for Yii framework.

This extension allows to run controller actions using jQuery UI dialog. This allows you to enhance your application making it act more like a desktop applications, which will be appreciated by your users.

It is used for extending your application to allow easy CRUD (create-read-update-delete) actions or any other action which returns a proper JSON response. Click event can be added to any link element using a jQuery selector, allowing you to extend your application with additional functionality, without sacrificing design.

Extension degrades gracefully, so your application won’t lose any functionality if JavaScript is turned off.


Here's some of the features provided by the extension:

  • CRUD actions through AJAX calls;
  • degrades gracefully with JavaScript turned off;
  • works with grid view widget or links;
  • no inline JavaScript needed;
  • works with or without CSRF validation;
  • a lot of configuration options to better suit your needs;
  • i18n (Internationalization and localization).

You can find more information and source code at GitHub repository or Yii Framework website.

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