Mock Test Double Using Prophecy

Mock is a test double which simulates behavior and we have expectations for it. You define predictions for it and later check if any of them failed.


namespace tests;

use App\Output;
use App\Questioner;
use App\Scorer;
use Prophecy\Argument;

class QuestionerTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    // ...

     * @test
    function questioner_is_saved()
        $outputMock = $this->prophesize(Output::CLASS);
        $outputMock->save([], Argument::type('string'))->shouldBeCalled();
        $questioner = new Questioner($outputMock->reveal());

        $questioner->saveAs('any name');

Some of the predictions you can make:

  • CallPrediction or shouldBeCalled() - checks that method was called 1 or more times
  • NoCallsPrediction or shouldNotBeCalled() - checks that method was not called
  • CallTimesPrediction or shouldBeCalledTimes($count) - checks that method was called a specified number of times
  • CallbackPrediction or should($callback) - checks method against custom callback

Custom predictions can be created by implementing PredictionInterface.

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