PHP 7: The Important Stuff - Course

In 2017 I got a chance to collaborate with KnpUniversity on a course. If you don't know about KnpUniversity you should definitely check it out. You will learn a lot of skills (PHP, OOP, TDD, BDD, REST, DevOps, etc.) that will improve you as a developer, and will keep you going for "just one more video" due to its witty humor.

There is a lot of work which goes behind the scenes when making video courses (you can read about some of it at this article), but after a long wait our first course is ready for the prime time.

You can start learning about PHP 7 from the PHP 7: The Important Stuff course.

Don't worry, you won't have to learn about things that most people don't care about (spaceship operator anyone). The course focuses on the important stuff, the features which will help with developing applications. Those features are:

  • Scalar type declarations and return types
  • Nullable types
  • Void types
  • Class constant visibility
  • New error and exception handling
  • Performance improvements (spoiler alert: it's fast)

What are you waiting for?! Go to the KnpUniversity and start learning about PHP 7 now!

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