Review of ZivaMind Meditation Course

Update at 2018-02-04: I'm no longer recommending this course. The reason is that they have "updated" the course, so they are getting rid of this one and selling the updated course. I'm don't have a problem with making changes, the problem I have is that you don't get access to new course (you have to buy it). In my opinion this is one of the cases where all your old customers should be moved to the new course for free or they should keep the access to the old course (and if you don't one to host it allow the chance to download all the resources). Their execution is like a kick to the groin and I just recommended it anymore for those practices (I still think the course is good).

If I notice something to be continuously mentioned, it might have some truth to it. When looking into that top performers (like Tim Ferriss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) do, most of the time the meditation is mentioned. As I would like to be top performer after I grow up meditation is something I want to have as a habit. Had a powerful experience once so know it can be a powerful tool.

Review of ZivaMind Meditation Course

The problem is what I'm having problems finding one which would work for me. Most of them are spiritual. With some hairy guru, flowers and other elements which should bring peace & bliss. For me the line between spiritual enough & too spiritual is thin. I have nothing against it & I'm happy if it works for other people. For me, it makes me cringe. Just like the word God. (I like using it when cursing. Don't put any weight to it as it means nothing to me. Might throw away a great book just for using that word too much.) To give some anchor point to me even Headspace application is too spiritual. Just can't stomach that guru voice, it's me not you.

Another problem is what I always had problems keeping meditating for long. Would start strong, do it every day for a week or two. Then I will have a day or few where "I have no time" for it. Or the cheating will start making it more like a nap.

One day watched a Google talk with an Emily Fletcher about meditation. Maybe her "positivity" was a bit too much. I don't like that in people. Think it's because if you took a scalpel deep enough into my brains you will find it's because I'm not like that & would love to be. A lot of points in the talk made sense to me.

After looking more into what Emily does decided to try her ZivaMind meditation course. If you fail, try again.

The course isn't cheap (250$ at the time of purchase). But it's only if it wouldn't work, if it works that price would be a drop in the bucket.

It's delivered in 8 days with some extras added. Some of the days you're asked to answer few questions to bring your awareness. Don't think that you only need 8 days to become a master and start flying around on your bliss. This is the time you will need to consume the lessons to be in position to continue the meditation practice by yourself. After 8 days you might still have a lot of questions. A lot of them are answered in a recorded call(s) (day 9 of course).

The great thing about the course I liked is that it almost has no spiritual stuff. It has the mantra which I will put in spiritual category. I don't mind it so much as it's used as a tool to anchor yourself when you start wondering too much. Found it helpful.

I like delivery of course a lot. Like explaining that you don't need to do it for hours or become a monk to reap the benefits of meditation. It helps to calm yourself knowing that 15 minutes twice a day is something you can do. Of course if it won't work then meditation is out the window as becoming a monk won't help either. Showing how a meditation session might look is very helpful. After seeing it you stop beating yourself that you're doing it wrong or you will never be able to do it right or you think too much, etc.

The website application of the course could be better. For someone who works in web & cares about security, receiving his password in email can lead to a heart attack. It doesn't remember that I have logged in so every day requires me to log back in.

A new day of meditation is enabled every 24 hours. Which I understand but don't think is a good choice. I think it would be better if a new one was made available after 16 hours. For first few days it wasn't an issue. After that I started waking up early and a new day wasn't available to me. Just make the change on the application, it's fine if mails are sent every 24 hours. And if someone is counting the end of 16 hours just to check the new video they have bigger problems.

One of the days contained a video about space. Have no efing idea what it was about or what it has to do with meditation. Some spiritual thought provoking time - yes, but I would rather it was not added.

In one video you're taught a breathing technique to help you meditate. Unfortunately, I can't do it. As someone who has only one nostril working most of the time, anything breathing related is uncomfortably painful. If you have never drowned, choked, suffocated -- yes, I'm that good at accidental suicides -- it would be hard to explain the feeling.

The course provides audio files to help meditate for various reasons: sleep, travel, performance. They are helpful, but from that I noticed they have white noise during silent periods which makes it hard to concentrate. It could also have lite versions which contained less explanations (explanations are good for beginning). The video version of 15 minute meditation I found very helpful. Most of it is silence, but that I liked about them is that I don't have to keep eyes on the clock. Having a timer application running is not a problem. It's just a better quality meditation if I keep my eyes closed through it. It would be great if audio version of this was available (without white noise).

The suggestion to use the last few minutes of meditation for gratitude is great. I have a habit of being grateful for 3 things each day, big or small. Makes you appreciate your life & what you have a lot more. Those few minutes were I run through all the things that happened & I'm grateful for makes me even happier.

I just started the course & need to keep it for longer to know if it works. So far my thoughts are positive and feeling good with sticking with it. Doubt that I will find anything better & if it won't work then the problem is somewhere else. If like me you have problems with making meditation a habit I would suggest to try out the ZivaMind meditation course.

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