Warsaw, Poland - First Impressions

Warsaw is a pleasant city to visit. There is a lot of parks, it feels modern. It's very enjoyable just to go for a walk around the town.


The currency is Polish Zloty (PLN). The rate is about 4.26 PLN for 1 EUR, 100 PLN for 23.47 €, 300 PLN for 70.42 €.


Poland has this BS where you need to have your passport or ID card to get a local SIM card.

If your phone supports eSIM (even if it doesn't) get yourself Orange Flex app. Can set everything up from your own bed and have working phone number/data (especially useful when you arrive on Sunday and nothing works). Plans are reasonable at 15 GB (of which 2.9 GB is EU roaming) and free calls/SMS for 25 PLN per month. If your phone does not support eSIM or you need it for additional device you can also get regular SIM for free from the store.

You can get a local SIM card from T-Mobile. Can get 10 GB for around 7 €, valid for a month, and is enabled right away with great speed. You can top it up at the shop. It seems that you also get about 1 GB and calls for 1 PLN a day. Once 10 GB plan is over you can get it again for 25 PLN by entering code *140*265*1#. You can check balance using *101# code.

It also seem you could get a card from Orange for a few euros which will have a bit of everything. Skipped it because forgot my passport and my old T-Mobile number was working.

You can get a local SIM card from Play for about 1.2 € which is a complete crap. You are supposed to enter the code which will give you 1 GB of data, but it will be enabled some time between now and a week. After couple of days I still had no data. At the store the employees are a bit with an attitude.


There is a lot of parks in the city and the one I visited seemed well taken care of. Just walk around and you will find one to sit down an relax.

Traffic / Walking

To get from the airport to city center by taxi is about 40 PLN (~ 10 €) and you can pay with card so no need to have local currency. The taxi stand is available right outside the airport. You can also get Uber, but I could not get the application to work with public airport WiFi.

Streets are big and clean, great for walking around the city. Some of stairways in bridges and similar places could be less clean, but still felt safe using them. There are some smokers in the streets, but it's not a big problem to walk around them. Some places mention that Praga district can be unsafe.

Entertainment / Visit

The National Museum in Warsaw large museum where you can spent hours walking around. Price is 25 PLN (~ 6€).

Invisible Exhibition is where you learn to appreciate being able to see (and colors). During it you spend an hour in complete darkness, stumbling around different places (apartment, street with traffic, wood cabin, sculpture museum, lounge) trying to figure out what is what and not hitting things. After the exhibition they can show you tool blind people use daily. Price is 25 PLN (~ 6€). You get a guide which explains things and watch over you, but if you want an English speaking guide you have to contact them for appointment. This exhibit is available in few other countries/cities.


First time I visited for a few days was at the start of December. Weather was cold with a bit of snow, but you could still walk around (even without winter clothes but multiple layers).

Second time I visited was end of June start of July and weather was questionable. During rainy days there was a lot of wind and it was quite unpleasant mostly making me stay indoors (especially when your shoes have holes in them). On sunny days it can between somewhere between "pleasant" and "it's too hot".

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